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Company Launch

A Dream Realized

Design Philosophy


Company Launch

In early 2015, award-winning furniture design veteran Tommy McDaniel launched Thos. McDaniel Design, an independent firm dedicated to residential furniture design. The opening of Thos. McDaniel Design follows nearly 19 years during which McDaniel served as co-founder and partner with the design company, McDaniel & Coley.


The new office is located in the historic Post Office, 216 N. Sterling Street in the center of downtown Morganton. Designer Danny Craig, who worked with McDaniel & Coley for about nine and a half years, joined McDaniel in the firm. Previously, Craig designed for Century and Bernhardt furniture companies.



A Dream Realized

In a letter to clients announcing the launch of Thos. McDaniel Design, McDaniel wrote, “I am fulfilling a long-term career goal by launching Thos. McDaniel Design, an independent furniture design firm. My new firm, and those that are part of it, allow me to continue to contribute to your success by designing award-winning furniture for the house and home.”


Design Philosophy

McDaniel is infusing the new firm with sophisticated technological 3D-Modeling computers to expedite the design conception phase while collaborating with clients.


“We’re using more technology for three-dimensional rendering to help the client better understand the designs, scope and scale,” he said.


McDaniel places priority on keeping abreast of current styles, trends, lifestyle demographics and ever-changing resources for global materials. "My tendency to collaborate with clients and material suppliers ensure that I bring award-winning designs to the market place." he said.


"My primary focus is to develop the creative design and develop solid personal and professional  relationships with clients," he added.





Born and raised in a furniture-rich region of the country, Morganton, NC, McDaniel, 55, has been a designer at heart since an early age.


“I have always loved to draw and when I was young I always kept a sketchbook near by,” he said. Soon he was working in the furniture plants learning the manufacturing process while learning the fundamentals of furniture design from other designers and local community college courses.


In 1991 McDaniel graduated from the respected Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. “It’s the perfect college to study residential design,” he said. Kendall’s roster of alumni is a literal Who’s-Who of furniture designers that shaped the fashion and direction of home furnishings.

“I always like to keep my design ideas true and unique,” he said. “The anatomy of wood materials, and shapes and forms found in architecture and nature have always influenced me in my creativity and uniqueness of designs.”




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